TEES.com sells for $252,500! Whatever happened to negotiations?
Jan 25

Reece of Four Letter Noob released his 4 letter dot com price guide today. This is the mid-January update which as always goes into plenty of detail and statistical analysis. It shows what everyone has predicted, a staggering increase in LLLL.com values!

The minimum wholesale price of 4 letter domains has increase 114% over the last month. Excellent news for any 4 letter domain investor and not just for the single reason that ‘our’ stock has increased in value but because if 4 letter domains increase enough over regfee there will be no reason for anyone to drop them. With a decrease in drops and supply and an increase in demand and end users (as many predict), prices will continue to rise.

I think this week I will evaluate my portfolio based on Reece’s price guide and report the increase in my portfolios value… that will make an interesting article I’m sure!

Simply visit the 4 letter domain price guide at Four Letter Noob and take a look for yourself!

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5 Responses to “4 Letter Domain Price Guide!”

  1. Nicholas Says:

    This is good news for owners of 4-letter domains.. I can still remember Reece saying it was the last chance to get the LLLL’s at the lowish December prices, and now prices have really soared, making his targets surpassed far than even he may have hoped.

  2. Jonathan Edelman Says:


    I wanted to know if you had any idea on how much I should sell adme.com for as I have been offered 20k but turned it down it is a easy domain to spell remember and say.


    Jonathan Edelman

  3. Richard Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Your name is a quad premium VCCV.com It is certainly pronouncable and contains the word ‘me’ so with this in mind it makes it a very desirable name. However, I think the price you got is very fair. It is clear it is an end user and not a reseller and there are plenty of names of this quality in the reseller market for much less. It really depends on your current situation but for me I would have accepted the offer or, if you are feeling brave raised the offer with a counter to see the buyers reaction.

    This strategy can work in some instances, it really depends on how badly the user wants the name. However, if the prospective buyer has other names under consideration it may force them to consider these options and leave your name.

    In any case, I would be interested to hear the result!

    Rich :)

  4. Nicholas Says:

    Jonathan, this is just my personal opinion so please take it with a grain of salt in the context of the spirint of this discussion. Personally, at this point $20k could well have been a very good amount. If it were a big profit from what you paid for it, you could have gotten it and parlayed the amount on another undervalued name instead of waiting out on this name that may or may not bear such a large windfall again.

    If you were to hold on to it for several years, it may reach that much or even higher, so that potential alone is good justification for your decision

    But as the old saying goes, sometimes a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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