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Jun 08

Taking on board a suggestion made by Reece of BQB to diversify, I thought I would take a look at areas of the five letter domain market to assess how it is developing. Ultimately the success of four letter domains will make a noticeable difference in other short domain areas. I may well post more of this kind of article if they get a good response so please let me know with the occasional comment if this information is useful to you!

I haven’t used DNP for a while, in fact not since the all premium buyout so I dusted off my trusty side kick and decided to undertake a quick bit of research on available domains. These seem to be an up and coming niche that many new domain entrepreneurs are buying into.

I scanned all combinations today and have compiled the following statistics and available domain lists:

Scanned: 55131
Registered: 32560
Available: 22571

Percentage registered: 59.1%
Percentage available: 40.1%

Available all premium: 1000
Percentage all premium available: 1.8%

For a list of all available combinations click here.

For a list of all available premium combinations click here.

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  1. Alan Says:

    What makes the premium VCVCV premium?

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