The names Bond! Sales analysis and trends - Mid April 2008
Apr 26

Sedo simply doesn’t like to post information about failed sales or auctions that did not meet reserve, it’s simply not good marketing. Unfortunately for us it makes it very difficult to report these failed transactions. I missed the final few minutes of the auction that ended on the 24th April but thankfully Michael of DomainMagnate commented today letting me know just how far off the mark many people were with its valuation.

It was obvious that the auction did not meet the reserve because the domain is still listed for sale and Sedo have removed all links to the auction details, but, I wanted to know how far off the mark peoples assumptions were as to the price it may reach. As I suspected the auction didn’t even touch six figures and no doubt the owner is very disappointed considering the media hype that the name had seen. The final $75,000 sum didn’t even dent the ridiculously optimistic reserve of $1,000,000!

As I mentioned in my previous thread, ‘The names Bond!‘, the domain has been marketed in entirely the wrong way. Sony Pictures own the rights to ’Bond’ and clearly they arn’t interested in it as they already own which diverts to This rules out any opportunity to legitimately and easily monetise the domain using anything James Bond related.

I think this domain would have sold if it was marketed in the correct way… sadly this wasn’t the case and the problem the owner has now is the difficulty in altering peoples perception as to what the domain should be used for. This auction will have made it very difficult to target any other market and sadly I can see Bond ’sitting on the shelf’ for quite some time to come.

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  1. Sean Brunnock Says:

    Not only, but failed to sell. And there are rumors of problems with the sale. It’s still registered to the old owner.

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