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Feb 23

When four letter domain sales are reported there is always a general misconception that every single one of the 456,976 combinations can be considered a letter letter letter letter domain and as such all be valued in the same way. This isn’t the case.  There are 59,635 four letter words in the English Dictionary and its these words that can have a massive impact on sales data if not taken into consideration.

Further confusion can arise when words have limited use or when words can easily fall into the llll bracket due to a lack of obvious use on the Internet as a domain.

My point is that dictionary domains drastically skew sales results data and reports due to their inherent value as a sort after commodity. A quick glance at the latest DN Journal sales report shows that, following the last SnapNames live auction many four letter dictionary word domains where sold at very high prices. Included in the report are the following domains:

Porn.net - $400,000
Saws.com - $50,000
Went.com - $25,000
Tied.com - $15,015

All of these domains are dictionary words and thus command such high values. Do not confuse these with four letter domains. They aren’t. For those of your thinking that these domains do indeed have four letters, I’m not disputing that, however because they are dictionary words they command much higher values and although some domainers will always refer to them and report such sales together with random llll.com domain sales, the only thing they can achieve from this is to try and artificially inflate the wholesale price of four letter domains. Put simply, be careful when searching for four letter domain value reports and make sure the editor has not included dictionary words in their analysis to get the clearest picture possible.

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