Automatic Upgrade - A walk in the park! Still ‘biting’ for bargains!
Apr 21

Storage ContainerWhen I entered the four letter domain market I started out with’s but quickly began investing in other domain extensions because I think it is important to understand every aspect of your market. Activity surrounding one domain extension can heavily affect another as we have seen with’s in recent times.

I have to admit though, I had remained a bit of a skeptic when it came to more obscure extensions but I still bought into them none the less. I have quad letter .com’s, .net’s, .info’s, .org’s,’s etc. The foundations of my belief in less popular extensions was strengthened last week when I received two offers for two domains via Sedo, not for the usual mainstream but offers on a and another for a

Negotiations took place over one or two days and unfortunately the prospective buyer of the .net domain pulled out. I wasn’t phased by this though because on the same day I finalised the sale of for $600. Not bad considering that three months earlier I had bought the name for less than $5.

This goes to prove that holding ’stock’ and having patience is key. There are buyers out there that will pay good money for less favoured extensions if their preferred extensions are already in use or they can’t afford the dizzy heights of’s.

My advice is to speculate sensibly and build a diverse portfolio over time. Make sure the domains you are not using are clearly marked for sale and most importantly have patience, remember that this market niche is still very much in its infancy.

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