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May 17

Date StampI’ve noticed a few sales threads on Namepros recently that have received little interest from prospective buyers even though some of the domains on offer are of a reasonable quality. The majority of the domains in question are’s which were initially bought in bulk and should be fairly easy to shift considering their desirability and the current influx of high value sales. I personally have had much success in selling domains and am always seeking to invest in more.

It is only on closer inspection that you see why the seller is trying to shift so many names in bulk at such low prices. The domains are soon set to expire. It is certainly a shame to see little interest in these domains considering the initial investment stake made by the seller. A simple change in strategy is all that is needed to ensure the success of comparable future sales.

Monitor your portfolio carefully and take into consideration domain expiry dates when offering domains for sale. Ideally there should be at least 5-6 months left on the registration to ensure you don’t turn away prospective buyers of ‘low cost’ domains. At reseller prices, random names sell for less than their renewal cost. Buyers will quickly move on if there isn’t enough time left until registration in which they can flip for a profit or hold long enough to seek out an end user.

If you are buying in bulk remember to plan to keep your investment or at the very least sell strategically to trim your portfolio and keep stock current!

Check out two other articles I have written in the past entitled ‘Registrars affect sales, FACT!‘ and ‘Payment options affect sales, FACT!‘ These are, and always will be, further reasons why some of your domains may not sell as well, if at all, when compared to other domains on the market.

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