UNET.com sells for $100,000! Premium LLLL.net Scan 2 - February 2nd 2008
Feb 02

This is crazy! All of a sudden people are going mental for premium LLLL.net’s. My last scan two weeks ago showed 15,000+ available and I anticipated a growth rate of 2000 per month resulting in an August 2008 buyout. How wrong could I be! Over 7000 premium 4 letter dot net domains have been registered in the last 2 days!

The results of today’s scan show that there are just 6343 left! This means the number of registered domains has increased by 10.99% in just 14 days!

Here are the stats:

Possible combinations: 83,521
Registered: 77178 / 92.41%
Available: 6343 / 7.59%

If you had intended to invest in some of these names I would suggest you register NOW! 

Click here to download a list of premium LLLL.net’s that are still available. 

I will hopefully run another scan and publish the results again tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “Feb 2008: 83,521 All Premium LLLL.net’s Scanned (Scan 1)”

  1. citricsquid Says:

    Heh, I’m glad i got in quickly. I’ve had a 4 letter .net since last august and after seeing the thread @ namepros about them being bought out i went ahead and bought 2 more. I might have to go and get some more now :)

    Cheers for lsst!

  2. Richard Says:

    The list is already a bit out of date… decided to reg another 50 today. I’m done for premium .net’s now… Let’s just hope they pay out in the future! :)

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