Domain Portfolio and Credits No more ‘cheap’’s at TDNAM…
Feb 05

I came home tonight, sat down to run another all premium scan and found that they were all taken! I did come across three domains that were still showing as available but upon trying to register them it seems they had already gone to someone else. I will need to check with GoDaddy in a couple of days to make sure they reverse the charges to my account because after I completed checkout they took my money even though I didn’t have the domains! Not sure why this happened because their system allowed me to add the domains to my cart and go through the checkout process…

So that’s it - There are no more premium’s available to hand reg. If you want one you will have to buy it from a domain reseller. What does this mean? Limited choice for end users which in the long run is a great thing for every four letter domain investor. End users will need to approach domain investors to get the names they want. It also means that domainers will now be focusing on buying out other combinations including, and triple premiums. How long this will take is anyone’s guess but I will be keeping a very close eye on it and of course be keep you up to date by reporting my findings here!

There has even been a new thread started at Namepros to focus on a buyout countdown. I can’t see this lasting though. I believe that quad letter domain investors should and will focus on buying out the remaining domains. This will influence prices in the same way we have seen the .com buyout influence that marketplace.

From now on I will not be running premium scans but full scans of every to analyse its market growth over the coming months. These certainly are exciting times!

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One Response to “Its official - Premium’s are SOLD OUT!”

  1. Nichola Says:

    There are already threads seeking’s for sale at NamePros and elsewhere, so that can onlly be a good thing for investors.

    Wonder if it’ll take as long (couple years, less?) for LLLL.nets to start rising at a rapid pace. Granted they’re .net’s, but with the fever over’s still in high gear, and threads of countdowns already started, you have to wonder if the investment in .net’s may have faster returns.

    Or if all this buying frenzy will finally burst the bubble, even if that’s looking highly unlikely. (Then again, that’s what everybody thought during the Dutch tulip and dot-com bubbles).

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