Sometimes bargains are not always a good thing… Sales analysis and trends - End of June 2008
Jun 25

I’ve been waiting for a sale like this for a while now. The sale of a quad letter domain for a 5 figure sum that has nothing to offer other than itself. Take a look at the stats, it has no Page Rank, isn’t DMOZ listed, has an Alexa rank of over eight million, and after checking has never hosted a developed website other than countless holding pages offering the domain for sale.

This sale doesn’t obey the rules of the ’system’. It is a pronounceable, but is just a triple premium which should sell in the region of $4k. This name sold at four times that amount and the only reason for this is because it found an end user.

Its not a dictionary generic, its not a quad premium, its not got masses of traffic or good webmaster statistics to back it plus the term ‘jaho’ only returns 142K search results. It has been bought because an end user wanted it, nothing more, nothing less. In fact the only significant references I can find to the term ‘jaho’ are a classical singer ’Ermonela Jaho‘ and two websites for the company that produces ‘Jaho Coffee & Tea‘. I’m stumped as to what it will be used for. Any ideas?

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4 Responses to “ sells for $18,000!”

  1. Nullmind Says:

    great sale and it’s very difficult to pronounce too imho

  2. Richard Says:

    It certainly is Antonio! Although after Yofie’s opinion on DotWeekly that Afternic are facking sales this one will probably be added to the list. I think it’s an excellent sale and we will find out soon enough what the outcome is if it is simply parked or developed. I hope it is the latter! :cool:

  3. Jason Says:

    It’s also the name of a pretty well known French rock band, J.A.H.O.

  4. Richard Says:

    Good find Jason… I also found a reference to a photographer… how well known she is I have no idea though, it may just be a personal portofolio. :)

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