The great divide! Price Guide
Jan 04

I took ownership of my first quad premium today. I actually bought the name back in December but it has taken up until today for Sedo to sort out the transfer with the original owner. The name is a triple vowel plus one premium letter name which I think I got for a very good price. The name in question is a.o.o.n dot com. A good pronounceable quad premium I think, what about you? Feel free to comment!

I think it goes to show that good names are available at good prices if you have the time to spare to search for names and submit offers on Sedo. Rather than competing against multiple buyers through Sedo auction, TDNAM or Snap, submit a few offers for good names via Sedo. There are probably more owners on Sedo than you think, who would be willing to accept a reasonable offer every now and again for a domain they aren’t that fussed about holding onto to help with renewals or to aid other purchases in the future. Give it a go, I will certainly be making more and more offers for good solid names on Sedo in the very near future! In fact I’m already in negotiations for a few other quad premium four letter domains as we speak!

written by Richard

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