Latest acquisitions! A lot of bulk! Concluded…
Jun 20

SoldThe mid June Namepros Live Auction took place last night where plenty of names were up for grabs and some impressive sales were completed. There didn’t seem to be as many bulk four letter domain auctions this time round but there was still plenty of interest in domains of the short variety and many sold for a lot more than what is considered their minimum wholesale value.

I normally sit back and enjoy the show but I went in head first this time and ended up bidding on a whole host of names. I won a total of three auctions but unfortunately two of them were ’sellers choice’ and both opted to pay the buy out fee. I was a little disappointed considering one of the names was an excellent palindrome quad vowel, ‘’, which I won for $630. Alas, it won’t be finding a home in my portfolio. The other name was which I thought would complete but the seller said that the final price of $65 didn’t cover his costs.

I did walk aways with 5 new .info keyword domains including:


I think these were a steal at $49 for all five and they certianly have potential to become excellent minisites. Another batch added to the never ending development list!

Some of the completed* four letter domain sales included: - $390 - $630 - $105 - $36 - $500 - $80 - $550 - $80
NNVN.COM - $300,,,,, - $250,,,, - $160,,, - $230,,, - $110,, - $170, WYYV.COM - $70 - $62, - $37,,, - $60,,,,,, - $53

Many of the names for sale last night were of a much higher quality than in recent times and many people waited to see the outcome of five excellent CVCV combinations. Out of the five listed four completed in the low - mid $xxxx price range: - $1000 - $2850 - $3000 - $2050 failed to meet the reserve and ended at $3000.

For a list of all of the completed lots click here.

Many thanks to RJ and Bill for hosting the auction!

*Some of these were ’sellers choice’ auctions so it is possible that a number of these transactions may not complete.

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