Quality not quantity? Sell a few, buy a few…
Dec 15

Following a previous article I wrote about the LLLL.net market potential last week, I thought an update was in order. After careful consideration and a lot of time spent on research I have expanded my portfolio with a number of quad letter dot net domains. Not nearly as many as I would like but enough to hold onto whereby the renewal fees won’t break the bank! I think that if anyone is going to do this the time is now. Cherry pick the good ones while there are plenty to consider and plenty to research.

After scrolling through multiple lists of thousands of available domains it was quite obvious that I needed a system to pick a handful before I registered. I took the time to assess each domain by SE results and then narrowed my lists further by researching each letter combination for pre-existing acronyms or real international words. After this I then further narrowed my lists by selecting the names that were a) easily pronounceable, b) had an easily adjustable prefix (ie: I = Internet, E=Electronic etc) or c) an easily adjustable suffix (ie: L = Ltd, O=Online etc). Finally I researched to see if any particular names had PPC advertisers already paying for the ‘keyword’.

By using this method I was able to narrow my lists quite substantially and pick the names which I thought have the greatest reseller and end user values. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the names don’t include ‘bad letters’ either. I was very surprised to find that the majority of names returning greatest SE results were those that included one bad letter. However, be careful not to trip up here, some of these will certainly be typos of dictionary words. Make sure you spot the ones that are!

To recap then, if you are thinking of buying up any quad letter dot net names before they are all gone consider the following:

  1. What SE results do they return? 
  2. Are they pre-existing acronyms?
  3. Are they real international words?
  4. Are they easily pronounceable?
  5. Do they have an easily adjustable prefix?
  6. Do they have an easily adjustable suffix?
  7. Are PPC advertisers already paying for the ’keyword’?

This is the method I used to snag my latest list of free to reg LLLL.net domains which I hope you find useful, maybe you have an even better method, if so please sign-up and comment, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Remember, don’t fly into it all guns blazing registering anything, spend a little time researching the names you want to buy and ultimately you will reap the rewards in the future should a quad letter dot net buyout occur or demand for four letter dot net domains increases.

written by Richard

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