TDNAM - How long will -$100 last? sells for $100,000!
Jan 31

I’m not sure what has sparked this, but all of a sudden people are going mad for’s! This can only be good news for anyone involved in the 4 letter domain marketplace no matter what the extension. The countdown thread at Namepros has seen a lot of activity in the past few days and many members are asking for lists of all available premium’s. They are running out extremely quickly and a lot faster than I had anticipated.

Many people are registering names in bulk quantities each day and I will be very surprised if they are not all registered by the end of February slashing my previous prediction of August this year! I registered a further 126 last night to add to the collection!

Depending on how many premiums are left by the end of next month, instead of analysing the premium .net growth registration rate I will focus on scanning all four letter domains to assess just how many and how long it will take before we see a four letter .net buyout! I will publish the results of my latest premium scan as soon as possible!

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4 Responses to “Quad letter .net marketplace hotting up!”

  1. Nicholas Says:

    At the current pace, you’ll be right about your prediction of an August buyout of all LLLL’s… but for .ORG’s! ;-D

  2. pendragon Says:

    126 LLLL.nets for me today. My wallet is still smoking !!

  3. Richard Says:

    Excellent! I hope within a year come renewal time there has been a lot of activity in the marketplace and we see an increase in all premium names. With premium values increasing daily and an expected $1000 minimum wholesale by the end of the year (if not sooner) we should see a good solid return on our premium’s if we are patient!

    Thanks for the comment!

    Rich :)

  4. Are domains the next internet goldrush Says:

    [...] of bloggers reporting on the LLLL market, such as, the countdown website and (). Also worth having a look at 4letternoob’s [...]

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