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Jun 04

HaystackOne of the main differences between dictionary word and random 4 letter domains is that the latter is far more difficult to read and analyse when listed in bulk. Its surprising how simple adjustments to a forum thread can improve your chances of securing a sale.

It can be hard to pick out good domains from a list of hundreds, in fact it can be just like trying to find a needle in a haystack. For this reason the quantity of domains you list for sale at any one time can have a huge impact on the amount of successful transactions you complete.

I quite often glance over a thread offering hundreds of 4 letter domains for sale or skip them altogether because I find it difficult and more time consuming than a thread that is well organised and has limited the quantity to a reasonable amount.

Here are some techniques you can use to increase the sales potential of a forum thread:

1. Limit the amount of domains you are selling. Its that simple! Try to sell 10 today and open another thread for another 10 in a couple of days. This gives buyers the opportunity to analyse your domains in a reasonable time frame allowing them to assess each domain in detail rather than skip over a huge list of hundreds of domains and miss domains that they would otherwise buy instantly.

2. Avoid simply copying and pasting from an excel spreadsheet. Make the effort to present your domains for sale as if they were stock in a shop window.

3. Order your lists by extension or remove the TLD altogether and head up your domains in categories by extension to make them easier to read.

4. Use alternate colours per line to break up your lists.

So many times I have seen hundreds if not thousands of 4 letter domains for sale in a single thread. This will only discourage potential buyers! Even if you list 10 one day and then, depending on the interest they have received, overwrite them with another 10 the following day in the same thread.

Showcase your domains, don’t herd them altogether and hope people will analyse a massive list. Some will, many won’t! Quantity affects sales, FACT!

There are many other reasons why some domains may not sell as well, if at all, when compared with other domains on the market, these can include the registrar, your payment options and the expiry dates of your domains!

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