JAHO.com sells for $18,000! Month in review - June 2008
Jun 29

Aside from the sale of Jaho.com that was finalised last week there has been little significant quad letter domain activity at the main arenas according to DNJournal’s mid-late June sales report. In fact there have been just eight reported LLLL.com sales over $2k and a mere smattering of global contender transactions.

Short domains in general had little impact on the chart but it is clear from the top four that pronounceable quad letter domains once again take centre stage:

JAHO.com - $18,000
GUSA.com - $3,269
ZUPP.com - $2,050
UPAJ.com - $3,000
CGCS.com - $3,000
KVAS.com - $2,888
KMLZ.com - $2,000
SCMC.com - $2,501

What’s great is seeing diversity and a mixture of CVCV, VCVC, quad premium and ’less desirable’ names sold at good solid prices even though they are limited in number.

Heading up the global contenders chart was the fantastic sale of JIEE.org. Healthily past the 5k mark this domain has surely found its way into the hands of an end user as there are plenty of acronyms already in use for this combination of letters.

The full list of global contender sales is as follows:

JIEE.org - $5,300
ARES.net - $4,300
PRIS.net - $1,750
VUKA.net - $1,151
NHFS.net - $1,000

And to wrap up this months, all be it short report, was just one ccTLD. PIES.ca just made it into the chart and sold for $1,032.

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  1. Nullmind Says:

    another great sale today on Afternic:

    FUOR.com - Afternic
    Final Price $10,000.00 USD

  2. Richard Says:

    Hi Antonio,

    Wow, that is an excellent sale! Thanks for the heads up! :)

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