Quantity affects sales, FACT! Namepros Live Auction - 5th June 2008
Jun 05

DNJournal reported a huge list of quad letter domain sales including 15 LLLL.com’s 5 LLLL.net’s, 3 LLLL.org’s, 1 LLLL.mobi and even a LLLL.de yesterday. An impressive amount of four letter domain sales which should boost the confidence of any investor in this niche considering the recent decline in reseller values.

Short domains stole the show in what Ron Jackson claimed was “an unprecedented 16-way tie for the 4th position” in which 16 LLL.com domains sold for $40,000 each. There were 19 three letter domains listed in the top 30 this week including:

CPC.com $201,750
VVP.com $40,000
VUT.com $40,000
VTP.com $40,000
QTN.com $40,000
PFO.com $40,000
NDP.com $40,000
KKD.com $40,000
JVU.com $40,000
JUK.com $40,000
JOK.com $40,000
GDD.com $40,000
GAN.com $40,000
GAE.com $40,000
FFM.com $40,000
DVU.com $40,000
TOA.com $35,300
MIF.com $26,259

These high sales figures should also encourage investors in four letter domains as they have the potential to create an even bigger void between LLL.com investors and end users who are looking for short domains to host their web start ups.

The opportunity to invest in short brandable LLL.com’s is decreasing for many because it is no longer a viable financial option. This opens up massive opportunities for quad domain investors to complete even more transactions.

The completed 4 letter domain sales include:

IART.com $16,694
VIGA.com $4,553
SYBO.com $4,088
VOVA.com $3,985
WUDO.com $3,715
HAKU.com $3,659
JIYU.com $3,320
CONU.com $2,250
JIFA.com $3,200
AREN.com $3,209
POSY.com $3,100
SEZU.com $3,000
PEBE.com $3,000
WFSG.com $2,911
MYXO.com $2,300
NBOL.com $2,000

Many of the above names have the values we now expect of CVCV combinations but there are a couple of names listed above that stand out. The first is WFSG, a triple premium name that doesn’t seem to offer anything particularly special. Another name that stands out for me is MYXO, on first inspection it looks like a decidedly average CYCV combination but after a little digging it is a dictionary word derived from the Greek word for Mucus. In any case, a very good sale at $2,300 and in my opinion one that would never reach such values at any domain forum marketplace.

Global contender and ccTLD’s in the report included:

ISAP.net $3,000
AMPA.net $1,700
UABC.net $1,625
THEU.net $1,118
GIFI.net $1,034

AFYA.org $2,500
ZHAO.org $1,872
AAHL.org $1,000

CMOG.mobi $1,000
ELFE.de $2,394

I’ve said it before, but I feel compelled to say it again - even though the four letter domain reseller market has yet to stabilise, end user sales remain strong and show incredible potential and encouragement for anyone that is holding stock! The four letter domain niche has yet to show its best hand!

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