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Apr 28

Magnifying GlassThere is only one four letter domain in the DNJournal Domain Sales Report this week. was sold privately for $13K but its a dictionary word and shouldn’t be included in any reseller sales analysis. In any case, an encouraging sale for any .org enthusiast although in my opinion the plural ’shows’ may better serve the needs of the new owner but it really does depend on how the name will be used in the future.

Short domains in general had a big impact on the chart considering that, of the thirty listed, seven were ’short’ domains… - $25,500 - $25,001 - $21,000 - $13,121 - $13,000 - $11,273 - $11,115

Even though there was a limited number of quad letter domain sales in the top thirty there have been plenty of solid transactions lower down the scale in the ’supporting cast’. Sales at included: - $7,500 - $2,499 - $2,300 - $2,200 appears to be an end user sale. An excellent quad premium and certainly one to keep an eye on. It’s difficult to determine just what this will be used for considering that there are over 330,000 results in Google and many are already developed sites.

Taking into account the recent sale of I would guess that has attracted an increase in typo traffic and this has helped to promote its sale. is a true quad letter domainers collectible and is highly brandable. Other notable sales from various market venues include: - $6,400 - $5,681 - $5,488 - $5,000 - $2,550 - $2,000

Encouraging to see that only one of these domains is a true quad premium name. It proves the potential of all four letter domains no matter what the letter quality. Granted there are some excellent names in the list including two CVCV combinations and two that can be easily pronounced. My curiosity lies with The keyword has just 2610 search results in its entirety, none of which resemble anything anywhere near useful content. I have a few names like this in my portfolio and as I have said before in a previous article patience is key, there are potential end users for every quad letter domain you own! is proof!

Global contender sales included: - $8,500 - $6,500 - $4,000 - $3,888 - $3,488 - $2,600 - $2,000 - $1,750 - $1,500 - $1,211 - $1,120 - $1,088 - $1,078 - $1,068

Whats notable here is that few of these have ‘bad letters‘ which is good news for anyone who bought into the quad premium .net market before the buyout. It seems premium domains are currently hot property. I would be happy to accept $2k+ offers on any of my quad premium .net domains and once again these sales prove that domains do have end users!

Whats remarkable is that quad premium names such as are selling for more than dictionary words such as and and simply reiterates the potential of random letter domains. 

There have been some outstanding sales of four letter domains in the past few weeks. I think it is important to understand that even though the four letter domain reseller market is currently in decline, end user sales remain strong and show incredible potential and encouragement for anyone that is holding stock!

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