No more ‘cheap’’s at TDNAM… List library updated - February 2008
Feb 08

Lorenzo (also known as ItalianDragon) pointed out the latest DNJournal sales report today to highlight some of the excellent four letter domain sales to be seen this month. These sales tend to go largely unnoticed, overshadowed by the huge sales of generic dictionary names such as - the biggest .uk sale ever reported which changed hands for £560,000 ($1,099,798).

This aside, below are some recent sales of quad letter domains that have completed this week. - $7,041 - $4,088 - $4,085 - $3,388 - $3,288 - $3,288 - $2,000 - $2,005 - $2,100

What surprised me is that the random letter domains have the edge on the premium four letter domains and CVCV combinations. The fact that the two highest valued names contain a ‘Q’ is excellent news for any triple premium owners and proof that these are valuable names if you can find the right end user. Don’t sell out cheap because you think your name contains the worst of the ‘bad’ letters, these sales prove that every can has value.

Heading up the global contenders list was an excellent CVCV combination which could be used for many things. Of course it is already the name of the popular board game LUDO but already has plenty of other meanings listed in Wikipedia. What it will be used for eventually is anyone’s guess! - $2,400 - $1,988 - $1,700 - $1,539 - $1,252 - $1,056

What we should note here is that of these six reported sales above $1000, two of them are random premium letter combinations that cannot be pronounced although a quick Google search shows that the .com counterparts are already highly developed websites. Nevertheless this can only be good news for anyone that participated in the premium four letter dot net buyout. It just shows that there is massive potential in these names. If you registered any, hold them, be patient, wait, and you may reap the rewards sooner than you think! 

Its always good to see other four letter TLD sales and this week saw sell for $1,709. Quite an impressive sum for what people consider to be a very niche extension with limited value. Obviously this is a real name though so this greatly increases its value in comparison to a random CVCV, VCVC, or CVVC combination.

All in all these sales show that LLLL domains are still hot property and they are still in high demand!

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