My first purchase! Expiry dates affect sales, FACT!
May 15

A regular member of Namepros is actively developing an excellent application that helps investors determine the value of four letter domains by automated appraisal. Glabnet, aka George is a Microsoft Certified Applications Developer and has been working on the ’Smart selector for expired, refunded and available domains’ since last year. The latest version (V2.1.1) is available to download from his website, is free to try and costs just $22.65 for the full version. At you will also find links to download other applications currently under development.

His site also offers other valuable four letter domain information including lists of available domains, expiring quad letter domains and various other articles and data. I recommend you check it out!

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4 Responses to “Smart selector for expired, refunded and available domains!”

  1. Sufyan Says:

    Great tool! Thanks for sharing.

    Don’t you think it’s appraisal is so accurate? Can we rely on it? ;)

  2. Richard Says:

    Any automated appraisal should be taken with a pinch of salt… However this tool works in a different way. It allows you to configure the estimated value of a domain via pre-defined variables. This lets you align it with current reseller estimates so that you can then bulk check multiple domains allowing you to filter out the ones that may ultimately offer the best return. :)

    Rich :cool:

  3. Damir Says:

    The value of the domain name is determined by the buyer and the seller selling the domain name.

    Appraisals of domain names done in person or automated is NOT accurate.

    Many of the domain names which have sold for Millions of $$ did NOT have been evaluated at the price which they have sold for at all (they have been appraised way less).

    If you own domain names do NOT sell them for next to nothing - be Smart

  4. Richard Says:

    I totally agree, however, this is an application that can be used to quickly and easily identify domains which may only be slightly more valuable in the reseller market by a small margin. For this I think it a useful tool. :)

    Rich :cool:

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