Every extension has potential, but patience is key… The names Bond!
Apr 22

A recent thread on Namepros proves to me that there can still be heavy demand for bulk lots of four letter domains and plenty of interest still remains in the market. It also shows that the likely hood of making an instant sale is very real if you price your names competitively.

I have to admit though, $20 a name at this stage of the market is quite a fair chunk of change below reseller prices considering the quality of the names that were on offer although time will tell if this was a clever move or uninformed mistake on the part of the seller.

The names sold were: xsxa.com, xsxo.com, xiaa.com, xxsu.com, xlsu.com, xauo.com, pxhd.com, uiye.com, vxrx.com, iqyi.com, oaqu.com, ijxi.com, hpxo.com, xhux.com, xjux.com, xsxu.com, xrnx.com, ufxx.com, xavc.com, xuoe.com.

Quite a few anti-premium letters in this bunch but on the flip side quite a few gems as well. Take for example the triple premium xiaa.com, this would easily reach its wholesale value ($55) if put to auction and I suspect it would make more considering it is a triple vowel domain with repeating double ‘a’.

The configuration of these names also amazes me. Three of them could be sold as a set, (xsxa, xsxo, xsxu), some of them have twin premium letters surround by ‘x’s’ and others have three vowels. All in all, this isn’t a batch of below par anti-premiums that sold a little below reseller prices. This is a batch of relatively high quality names that sold at a ridiculously low price and judging by the many other Namepros members that commented in the sales thread this is the general consensus.

This level of enthusiasm goes to show that there is still plenty of interest in the market even though prices have been falling slightly of late… after all these domains were sold within 4 minutes of being listed!

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3 Responses to “Still ‘biting’ for bargains!”

  1. Nicholas Says:

    Could be a mistake by the seller not knowing how much demand there would have been for his names (this is novel enough to have prompted the long-ish thread; and this post, after all), although I suspect that was still a big payday for him, and likely he regged those names himself and all this would still be a fat profit.

    If not, then maybe he just needed the money fast. It isn’t uncommon for such deals at forums when someone has bills or debt or other emergencies to pay and offloading assets like these would be quick, dirty and liquid.

  2. Richard Says:

    That’s a very valid point Nicholas, I guess if I needed money fast I would undervalue my domains to sell them as quickly as possible… although in this case there didn’t seem to be any sense of urgency on the sellers part. In any case I hope the seller and buyer (the owner of 4ltr.org - see ‘Links’) are both happy with the transaction. If only I was online at that time!

    Rich :cool:

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