Jun 25

I’ve been waiting for a sale like this for a while now. The sale of a quad letter domain for a 5 figure sum that has nothing to offer other than itself. Take a look at the stats, it has no Page Rank, isn’t DMOZ listed, has an Alexa rank of over eight million, and after checking archive.org has never hosted a developed website other than countless holding pages offering the domain for sale.

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May 31

It came as quite a shock to hear of the sale of TDVR.com. The site was originally set up towards the end of 2007 by Antonio (AKA: Nullmind) to host the Internets only database of reported LLLL.com sales and has undergone many changes to become the site it is today.

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May 29

Vurg of Namepros announced yesterday that he has bought the domain LLLL.com! This is THE four letter domain, it doesn’t get much better than this! I am very pleased that the domain has been bought by someone who is dedicated to the four letter domain niche and wants to develop the name into something that will aid all LLLL.com investors! A thread has been started here to discuss possible ideas for future development.

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