Jun 21

Last week I wrote an article about an auction that had been started for 4200 LLLL.com domains. The auction ended today at $62,300. A fair chunk of change but alas the reserve was not met. I would hazard a guess that the reserve was somewhere around the $100,000 mark so I think the final bid was quite a way off.

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Jun 12

An auction for 4200 four letter domains was started today on Ebay. That works out at 0.92% of the entire LLLL.com market and is certaily a substantial amount of domains. Although a little out of date the current understood minimum wholesale value of a single four letter .com is $33. This puts the minimum wholesale value of this auction at $138,600! However a vast number of domains on offer are triple premiums which would push this valuation up to well over $200,000.

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