Jun 20

SoldThe mid June Namepros Live Auction took place last night where plenty of names were up for grabs and some impressive sales were completed. There didn’t seem to be as many bulk four letter domain auctions this time round but there was still plenty of interest in domains of the short variety and many sold for a lot more than what is considered their minimum wholesale value.

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Jun 06

Once again there was plenty of interest in short domains last night at the Namepros live auction. Every collection of premium LLLL.nets received bids and sold! It was good to see them holding ground at a little over reg fee.

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May 17

Date StampI’ve noticed a few sales threads on Namepros recently that have received little interest from prospective buyers even though some of the domains on offer are of a reasonable quality. The majority of the domains in question are CVCV.info’s which were initially bought in bulk and should be fairly easy to shift considering their desirability and the current influx of high value CVCV.com sales. I personally have had much success in selling CVCV.info domains and am always seeking to invest in more.

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May 11

Sitting in traffic a few days ago, initially I was oblivious to what was staring me in the face while I idly tapped along to music on the steering wheel. It was then that I had the idea of publishing evidence of four letter domains in use by end users when I noticed that the company van in front of me was utilising a quad letter domain!

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Apr 21

Storage ContainerWhen I entered the four letter domain market I started out with LLLL.com’s but quickly began investing in other domain extensions because I think it is important to understand every aspect of your market. Activity surrounding one domain extension can heavily affect another as we have seen with LLLL.net’s in recent times.

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