Jun 20

SoldThe mid June Namepros Live Auction took place last night where plenty of names were up for grabs and some impressive sales were completed. There didn’t seem to be as many bulk four letter domain auctions this time round but there was still plenty of interest in domains of the short variety and many sold for a lot more than what is considered their minimum wholesale value.

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Jun 08

Taking on board a suggestion made by Reece of BQB to diversify, I thought I would take a look at areas of the five letter domain market to assess how it is developing. Ultimately the success of four letter domains will make a noticeable difference in other short domain areas. I may well post more of this kind of article if they get a good response so please let me know with the occasional comment if this information is useful to you!

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Jun 06

Once again there was plenty of interest in short domains last night at the Namepros live auction. Every collection of premium LLLL.nets received bids and sold! It was good to see them holding ground at a little over reg fee.

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Jun 03

Despite prolonged opposition from quad letter domain pessimists, CVCV.net combinations are holding strong and selling for impressive figures. Evidence is stacking up against the naysayers that declare four letter .net domains have no future. Here are some recent sales figures: Continue reading »

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Apr 21

Storage ContainerWhen I entered the four letter domain market I started out with LLLL.com’s but quickly began investing in other domain extensions because I think it is important to understand every aspect of your market. Activity surrounding one domain extension can heavily affect another as we have seen with LLLL.net’s in recent times.

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Feb 05

I came home tonight, sat down to run another all premium LLLL.net scan and found that they were all taken! I did come across three domains that were still showing as available but upon trying to register them it seems they had already gone to someone else. I will need to check with GoDaddy in a couple of days to make sure they reverse the charges to my account because after I completed checkout they took my money even though I didn’t have the domains! Not sure why this happened because their system allowed me to add the domains to my cart and go through the checkout process…

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Feb 04

I have to say, I’m amazed at the sudden interest there has been recently in the 4 letter dot net marketplace. I have tried to provide as much useful information to as many people as possible and have been running regular scans of premium LLLL.nets for the past few days. It all seems to have caused quite a stir but not just for the English speaking among us!

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Jan 31

I’m not sure what has sparked this, but all of a sudden people are going mad for LLLL.net’s! This can only be good news for anyone involved in the 4 letter domain marketplace no matter what the extension. The LLLL.net countdown thread at Namepros has seen a lot of activity in the past few days and many members are asking for lists of all available premium LLLL.net’s. They are running out extremely quickly and a lot faster than I had anticipated.

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