Quad letter .net marketplace hotting up! Feb 2008: 83,521 All Premium LLLL.net’s Scanned (Scan 1)
Feb 01

Quite simply brilliant! Yet another LLLL.com reaching a six figure sum promoting the four letter domain market place for everyone to see. The sale took place at Sedo and is a beautiful name considering some of its attributes. Clearly an end user sale but its value derives from many factors. Its a VCVC combination with excellent pronunciation, it can be broken down into two parts making it highly brandable: ’U-Net’ or ‘Your Internet’, and it has good history and end user potential.

Unet.com was originally registered way back in the early 90’s (25th August 1994 to be exact). It has an Alexa rank of 5,112,398, is a PR5 and has archive history spanning an entire decade!

The domain has many obvious uses and it will be interesting to see in the future who has bought the name. On performing a quick search in Google it returns over 2.4 million results and the majority of the top results are existing companies operating on other extensions.

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