Registrars affect sales, FACT! Four letter domains continue to rise!
Jan 09

Its a fact, no one likes the letter Q. Of all of the ‘bad letters’ that quad letter domain investors try to avoid this is the main culprit. Why is that?

One way to determine the reason is to look at letter frequency in the English language. The letter ‘E’ is the most popular letter in the alphabet. It appears in 11.1607% of all words in the Oxford dictionary. Trailing a fair distance behind this is the letter ‘A’ with 8.4966% use.

In comparison, the letter ‘Q’ is the least popular letter in the English language, used in a very limited 0.1962% of words. This proves one reason why it is the least popular letter to have in a four letter domain. A ‘Q’ limits acronym use and therefore end user potential. The letter E is over 56 times more common than Q in forming individual English words!

The second reason is its ineffectiveness to create a pronounceable fake word. It sounds too much like ‘K’ or ‘C’ which are far more popular letters in the alphabet.

And then there is its appearance. A lot of people think it looks ugly. I’m not sure why this is, maybe because it can look too much like an ‘O’ with a strange appendage sticking out of the bottom, I guess it depends what font you are using. Who knows, maybe people see it as an ‘O’ and on closer inspection see that it is in fact a ‘Q’ and are disappointed. I know I certainly am sometimes while sifting through four letter auctions on Ebay.

Whatever your uptake on the letter ‘Q’ is, it is clear that it affects value. Not in all cases of course. For example sold on TDNAM for $145 today. A double premium which is nothing special until you see the obvious use of the acronym BBQ. However, my advice is that if you see a bulk sale of hundreds of triple premium quad letter domains, cherry pick the names without a ‘Q’ first and then haggle on a good deal for those that have one.

written by Richard

4 Responses to “Why do we hate Q so much?”

  1. Adrian Says:

    Good thing you opened comments. About an hour or so ago when I received the notification for this post in my reader I wanted to ask you to post a link to letter statistics because it would be interesting to see. But I gave up when I saw I need to login.

  2. Richard Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for the comment! I hope it will encourage people to give more suggestions and allow me to recieve more feedback on all areas of the site and the four letter domain market. :)

    I took the data for this article from this website.

    I hope you find it useful!



  3. Ted Says:

    Hi Rich,
    Thanks again for the info. Where could I find the letter frequency list you were referring to.

    All the best,
    Ted Sudol

  4. Richard Says:

    Hi Ted,

    The link to the list I referred to is in my last comment about this article just above yours. :)


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